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NURTURING Family Foundations for Future Generations
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We are developing our new website and as we do more content will become available.  Please bookmark us and check
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We are on STV!

Founder and CEO Cheryl will be interviewed live on STV on Tuesday 17th May.
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UKPEA works alongside parents and healthcare professionals to ensure that children are raised in such a way that establishes a nurturing, caring, proactive and creative society with negligible levels of child abuse, neglect and inequalities.

We achieve this through our Vision and Mission which are both rooted in our core set of values:

  • RELATIONSHIPS: A healthy parent (or primary carer) / baby relationship forms the foundation for a child to learn and develop their emotional regulation, cognitive abilities and social skills.
  • PRIMARY INTERVENTION: Primary identification from Conception onwards of mental wellbeing issues, relationship difficulties, lack of support and preventative intervention are effective for both improving individual outcomes and reducing costs to society in short and long term.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Support should be readily available to all parents within a community setting who require help to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing, their relationship with foetus/baby from conception onwards, with each other for transition to parenthood and after and with extended family from trained peers with lived experience.
  • OPEN: We reach out and welcome anyone who needs us.
  • TOGETHER: We work in partnership with those needing help and support. We work with other Organisations who wish to work in partnership to improve outcomes.
  • RESPONSIVE: We listen, we act, we implement on what parents want and need through our groups, members and surveys.
  • EMPOWER: Service users are empowered to become the best parents they can be through support, empathy and compassion.
  • INDEPENDENT: We campaign fearlessly as the voice of our service users to promote change, break down barriers and reduce stigma attached to perinatal mental health.


Keep an eye on our site.  We will be providing details about us and how we are achieving our goals.


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